Myth Busting Cloud Security - It's all about Risk Management.

Jul 09 2018

Almost 6 months into leading the teams at Comunet, I’ve had quite a few people ask me what is the biggest surprise or challenge that I’ve come across. 

Probably not-surprisingly, it’s been dealing with the common misconception that “the cloud” is less secure than on-premise solutions – which is exacerbated by the ambiguity that exists in many organisations around cloud computing in general. 

Cloud computing has now been around long enough to no longer be a fad, and the statistics around cloud use and security incidents leave little room for debate on the fact that, configured correctly, Cloud Services (such as those provided by Microsoft or AWS) are more secure than on-premise solutions. 

Getting On Track with Microsoft Planner

Aug 11 2017
Staying organised is crucial to the success of any individual or team. It is no surprise, therefore, that many software options have been created to help us achieve this goal. In this blog post, we wanted to look at a relatively new option that Microsoft have introduced, called Microsoft Planner. Planner is available with the Office 365 suite, and we have been fortunate enough at Comunet to have a closer look at this platform. From the outset, we realised that Microsoft have taken a very different approach to how tasks and plans can be structured and organised, hence the reason why we were keen to share some of our insights with you in this blog post today.

Here’s The Answer - Previewing Microsoft Forms

Jul 28 2017

Over the last few months, we have been covering some of the new programs available in Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. Today, we wanted to write about a new service that has only recently been previewed to the public – Microsoft Forms. As the name suggests, Forms is a platform that allows you to create forms that can be used as surveys, quizzes and polls. It was originally launched as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 Education package, but is now being expanded into commercial markets. We have been able to take a closer look at this new software and have outlined some of the key features and benefits below.

It’s Showtime! How Amazon’s Echo Show Can Improve Workflow

Jul 21 2017
Back in March, we wrote a blog post about how AI Assistants are fast becoming the new productivity tool in workplaces. In this post, we mentioned how Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices are key examples of voice-enabled devices that are leading this charge. Little did we know at the time that Amazon were preparing for the release of a new addition to the Echo range – the Echo Show. The Show was launched in May and has already received favourable reviews from the likes of Wired and Endgadget. Essentially, the Show is an Echo device which comes with a 7in touchscreen (slightly smaller than the screen size of an iPad Mini). This opens up a range of possibilities for Echo’s underlying Alexa technology to be used for both home and workplace use. Indeed, being the early-adopters that we are, Comunet recently received an Echo Show device to use in our own office! In this blog post, we want to discuss the business applications of the Echo Show and how it can improve your organisation’s productivity.

iOS 11 – What to Expect from Apple’s Latest Mobile Operating System

Jul 07 2017
In 2017, the iPhone celebrated its 10th birthday. It was introduced by Apple on June 29 2007, and with the launch came the arrival of the first iOS. Over past ten years, this mobile operating system has evolved over multiple versions, with the latest (iOS 11) expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2017. This upcoming release has already generated much publicity about how it will change the way we use our Apple mobile devices (particularly iPads). In today’s blog post, we want to have a closer look at the features that are generating this anticipation.

Innovating Faster with Microsoft PowerApps

Jun 30 2017

These days, it is hard to imagine our lives without apps. Whether we are using these applications on our smartphone, desktop computer or through a web browser, apps have the ability to streamline and simplify various processes for an organisation’s customers and employees. But how do organisations streamline and simplify the app creation process itself? In this latest addition to our blog posts on Microsoft solutions, we will be having a closer look at PowerApps, the company’s platform which aims to make app development easier.

Delving into Microsoft Delve

Jun 09 2017
Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at some of the innovative programs that are included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. This week, we are looking at Office Delve. Delve is program that was created with quite an ambitious goal – to provide users with all the information and files that they need to see at any point in time. Needless to say, Microsoft have invested many years into the development of Delve, but from our experience, it is delivering on its promise. Let’s have a closer look at how this is possible.

WannaCry Ransomware Attack – What We Know and What You Need to Do

May 17 2017
On Friday May 12, a massive cyberattack was launched and has been spreading across the globe ever since. Hundreds of thousands of computers have been targeted, with major government and corporate operations affected. The cyberattack has come in the form of a malware (malicious software) known as WannaCry. In this post, we wanted to update you all about what we know about this malware and what you need to do in the wake of this cyberattack.

Microsoft SharePoint – Creating Your Own Collaboration Portal

May 12 2017

Last week, we spoke about Microsoft’s new Teams platform and how it can assist with internal communications in a workforce. Continuing our focus on key Office 365 programs, we wanted to talk today about SharePoint. In the last few years, Comunet has been able to help several organisations setup their own SharePoint portals and the results have been very positive. In this post, we wanted to cover some of the benefits that SharePoint can deliver to your organisation, and how it may be able to work for you.

Microsoft Teams – The New Communication Platform for Businesses

May 05 2017
A few weeks ago, we blogged about why businesses should make the switch to Office 365. One of the core reasons identified in this blog post was that Office 365 provides more opportunities for team members within an organisation to collaborate together on various tasks and projects. Consistent with this philosophy, Microsoft recently introduced a new product in the Office 365 suite called Microsoft Teams. In this blog post, we wanted to show you some of the exciting features about Teams and talk about how it can help your organisation streamline communication across employees.